• Does DaisyDisk collect or transmit any personal data obtained from scanning?
  • Why are there two different editions of the app?
  • Is DaisyDisk based on some other app?
  • Will there be a Windows (Linux) version?
  • When will DaisyDisk learn to find duplicate files (remove apps, clean caches)?

Lost License Key


Enter the e-mail address you used when purchasing DaisyDisk.
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Or, maybe you bought DaisyDisk in the Mac App Store? Then you don’t even need a key, it should just work. Please go to the Purchases tab of the Mac App Store and look for DaisyDisk. If it’s there, just click its Install button. (Delete all other copies of DaisyDisk first, to avoid confusion between different versions.)

By the way, we offer free migration from Mac App Store to the more powerful stand-alone version of DaisyDisk.

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Legacy Versions

Have a Mac running OS X 10.5—10.9? Choose your legacy version of DaisyDisk. They’re no longer updated, but may be really useful for keeping older hardware in better shape. Need a legacy license? Just contact our support team.