How do I start using DaisyDisk?
DaisyDisk has a comprehensive user manual, where you can find answers to most questions. Need further assistance? Just fill in the contact form and get a reply from DaisyDisk’s creators.
Why are there two different editions of the app?

Mac App Store edition of DaisyDisk has a few less features in order to comply with Apple’s app submission policy.

Mac App Store users can get these features free of charge by installing standalone version of DaisyDisk along with the one they purchased from Apple.

Is DaisyDisk based on some other app?
No. It's built and designed from scratch without inheriting any code from legacy software.
Will there be a Windows (Linux) version?
No. Use Scanner or Filelight instead.
Your site does not display correctly in Internet Explorer!
We don't care. Really. Supporting stone-age technologies is out of our scope :)
When will DaisyDisk learn to find duplicate files (remove apps, clean caches)?
We'd rather go with a simple product which does a single thing right than an app with lots of features that may or may not work. If you prefer features over quality, try WhatSize. We also do not believe in "clean your system in one click" tools: there's no magic bullet.

Lost registration

Just enter e-mail address you used for purchasing DaisyDisk and we’ll send you the key.

Mac App Store versions require no actions to register the app.

restore license

We have successfully found and sent you the key. If you don't receive it shortly, check your spam box.

Please enter a valid e-mail. × Sorry, we can't find this e-mail in our database. Please check spelling, or contact our support. × Sorry, there is a server problem. Please e-mail support@daisydiskapp.com. ×

Legacy versions

Have an older Mac running OS X 10.5-10.6? Use the following legacy versions of DaisyDisk. They’re no longer supported, but may be really useful for keeping older hardware in better shape.

DaisyDisk 1.5.3 for OS X 10.5 (Intel/PPC)

DaisyDisk 2.0.7 for OS X 10.5 (Intel/PPC)

DaisyDisk 2.1.2 for OS X 10.6

Open source

DaisyDisk uses a custom in-app feedback component, DFeedback, which is freely available at GitHub under a nonrestrictive MIT license.

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