About us

We are a small independent team of Mac developers who live in two different countries and share the same passion for making great Mac software.

The team

Taras Brizitsky


Interaction and graphics designer. Creates things, that are pleasant to use.

Oleg Krupnov


Code and technical support. Makes miracles with Cocoa.


We would liked to thank the following people, who helped us make DaisyDisk better…

Design SoftFacade, Anton Kudin, Marat Abdrashetov, Fyodor Podrezov, Ekaterina Prokofieva, Hector Simpson
Localizations Raül Lara, Johan K. Jensen, Robin de Wever, Lorenzo Fanchi, Axel Pelatan, Benoit Pontbriand, Corentin Cras-Méneur, Simon Rührschneck, Patrick Zell, Truong Vinh Tran, Ulf Klose, Vagelis Petalias, Andrea Signorini, Leonardo Incerti-Vecchi, Lorenzo Orlandi, maselko, Monika Kłapsia, Tiago C. V. Valente, Mário Barros, Sérgio Miranda, Fernando Doutel, Julio Gorgé, Pablo Carcelén, Daniel Bergman, Daniel Lundh, 李正偉 (eggli), NeoBetas, Okky Ghofoer, 松本 光一, ชาญสิริ มีเหล่าด, ศักรินทร์ นามวงศ์

DaisyDisk uses the following freely available code and frameworks: Sparkle by Andy Matuschak, MGViewAnimation by Matt Gemmell, LetsMove by Potion Factory, NDAlias by Nathan Day, Google Toolbox for Mac. Website CSS+HTML coding by Akella. DaisyDisk logo and site headers use Museo Sans font by exljbris Font Foundry. Social Media icons are by Paul Robert Lloyd. Video clip by PY Pride. Showcase music by Younnat.

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